malachus (malachus) wrote,

Zombie dreams

Last night the dream started with a group of us driving down the street and suddenly being warped into a parallel version of the world where everything was similar but in a state if ruin.

It was dark and we quickly found ourselves being attacked by zombies. We barricaded ourselves inside a nearby school. We took minimal loses and we soon found out that the zombies could not operate in the daylight.

The next days and weeks found us gathering resources and defending ourselves well, but the zombies were smart and they eventually defeated our defenses, killing our taking almost everyone, but I managed to survive.

Shortly after that, a large group of bikers and a few cars come through the dimensional rift. I did my best to help them and we decided to explore further, finding a community of normal people that we joined up with to fight the zombies.

Then I woke up.

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